Our success is based on collaborative design solutions that create environments that are productive, stimulating and simply pleasurable. Our strength remains the ability to listen carefully and learn our client’s goals and lead our team. We strive for architecture that endures and inspires. Ultimately, helping the client achieve their objectives and exceed expectations is what gives us spot on satisfaction. Our complete focus on you, the client and your project’s program is where our team begins. Schematic drawings are then produced incorporating the program and scoping. Once the schematic drawings are approved by the client, design development drawings will begin. During this phase our team will be value-engineering the various systems, solidifying the components, and begin cost estimates to verify budgets. Our construction documents are more complete and receive a high level of detailing to insure accurate and competitive bids. Historically we have seen fewer change orders during construction due to our high levels of information and details on the construction documents.  Upon completion of the construction documents, plans will be submitted to the governing agencies for plan review and permitting. Plans will also be available for bidding. After the bid opening we can assist in determining the equality of the bids and selection of the general contractor. If desired, construction administration, will be performed as if it is our pocketbook and our building.


Our design team has the proven experience to anticipate and eliminate most issues that would later create change order costs or delays in construction. The principals of the firm have experience in general contracting and construction and their designs and drawings equate to change order costs well below the industry norm.